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Why The Lawyer Station
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With most other “lawyer finding” websites all you get is a list of attorneys that might or might not be separated into the specialties and interests of the listed firms. Several problems are inherent with this; first of all, this list is no more useful to you then a phonebook or search engine results with just names and contact information plus some additional information about their specialties if you’re very lucky.

Also, even if the website does list any information for the firms represented on the site, it would be up to the attorneys themselves to remember to log in and keep the information up to date and doesn’t account for workload, changes in focus for the firm, geographical location, etc. so even if you find one that looks like it might be a good fit, you can contact them only to find that they are no longer practicing in your case type or have a workload so high that they cannot take on new clients leaving you right where you started. And, possibly the biggest downfall with these sites is that it leaves you with all the legwork calling each firm listed, going through the same initial questions related to your case over and over, duplicating efforts and wasting your precious time at every step along the way.

However, with TheLawyerStation.com, we take a different approach and make the process easier for everyone by centralizing your search and matching you with the right attorneys and firms from the beginning. After you complete the comprehensive questionnaire for your case type you are done; all you have to do is sit back and relax waiting for interested attorneys to contact you! Our questionnaires are designed to be comprehensive enough so that you only have to answer the questions once instead of each time you consult with a new firm. Then the information you submit is analyzed several different ways and only sent to firms that are highly interested in your case type, your specific needs, geographical location, etc. How easy is that?

Grow your business with type and location targeted prospects