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The Lawyer Station provides consumers with a free, simple, and effective way to conveniently shop for and compare attorneys online. Regardless of whether it’s for Accident, DUI, Divorce, Worker’s Compensation, Bankruptcy or any other type of practice, The Lawyer Station helps make shopping...


The Lawyer Station

The Lawyer Station matches clients with several local law firms based on responses to our comprehensive questionnaires and geographical location. We have established business relationships with thousands of attorneys nationwide in several practices including bankruptcy attorneys, divorce attorneys, workers’ compensation, personal injury, immigration, attorneys specializing in drug offenses, domestic violence, DUI, DWI, DWAI, and we are adding more law firms with more specialties each day.

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In order to get the best match to lawyers in your area, just select one of the options below to fill out the appropriate intake form, which typically only takes about 5 minutes.

The Lawyer Station is the best choice

With most other “lawyer finding” websites all you get is a list of attorneys that might or might not be separated into the specialties and interests of the listed firms. Several problems are inherent with this; first of all, this list is no more useful to you then a phonebook or search engine results with just names and contact information plus some additional information about their specialties if you’re very lucky. Also, even if the website does list any information for the firms represented on the site, it would be up to the attorneys themselves to remember to log in and keep the information up to date and doesn’t account for workload, changes in focus for the firm, geographical location, etc. so even if you find one that looks like it might be a good fit, you can contact them only to find that they are no longer practicing in your case type or have a workload...


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With traditional advertising on billboards, radio, and television, you are taking a “shotgun” approach wherein you are paying a premium price for the exposure of whichever media outlet you choose hoping that a high percentage are qualified prospects for your firm. This approach is riddled with problems as every firm is well aware of whether it’s the use of outdated demographic data, respondents...


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