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The Lawyer Station

  • Shortcomings of Traditional Advertising
  • The Lawyer Station Difference
  • Targeted Prospects
  • Pre-Qualified Option
  • Sales Tools

Shortcomings of Traditional Advertising

With traditional advertising on billboards, radio, and television, you are taking a “shotgun” approach wherein you are paying a premium price for the exposure of whichever media outlet you choose hoping that a high percentage are qualified prospects for your firm. This approach is riddled with problems as every firm is well aware of whether it’s the use of outdated demographic data, respondents not being in your target market, or simply not being able to directly (or indirectly) correlate any business growth to your advertisement (without asking each prospect where they have heard of your firm and hoping for a correct answer).

The Lawyer Station Difference:

The Lawyer Station takes the client attorney matching process to an entirely new level with features, options, and pricing not seen anywhere else in the industry. We take care of all the marketing, search engine optimization, online and print advertising in order to get the consumer traffic you need to grow your business and The Lawyer Station charges only $74 per month for a Standard subscription. You can also put your subscriptions on hold (for vacations, furloughs, high workload times, etc.) so you don’t have to pay for prospects you will not use.

Targeted Prospects:

With The Lawyer Station, you get targeted respondents based on case type and geographical location so you are sure to get exactly the prospects you are looking for each and every time; in fact, if you are not satisfied with a prospect match provided by The Lawyer Station, we offer self-service crediting, completely removing any hassle. Additionally, we use very comprehensive intake forms so that you have all of your questions answered and save time on the initial contact.

Pre-Qualified Option

Yet another benefit of using The Lawyer Station for matching your firm to prospects is our pre-qualified lead option. This option sends the prospect to one of our highly trained operators for the initial contact in order to validate the information in the intake form, gather any missing or incomplete data, and ensure the best time and method of contact prior to sending it to your firm. This option is perfect for firms that might not have the staff to make the initial calls or for firms with such high call volume that they need to maximize efficiency with current staffing levels. This type of service does come with a slightly higher cost, but at only $125 per month, it is far from a budget-buster and more than pays for itself with the time it saves.

The Sales Tools

Our member law firms enjoy the benefits of our development staff’s late hours to bring them detailed reports on current prospects, past prospects, projections, missed opportunities, and a management system for tracking prospects from initial contact to closing (coming in the second half of 2021). We are constantly making improvements to our system including intake forms and questionnaires, reports, sales tools, filtering, and distribution in order to give you everything you need to successfully grow your business.